Cultivate Zen: Less is More

Posted on December 27, 2006. Filed under: business, development, strategy |

Now I must confess to you that I have a deep and sincere love of simplicity (as you may note from my previous top 10 list). Before we go any further creating our dream business, I want to share with you some of the value of keeping our ideas simple…

I sometimes feel that the quest for simplicity in its purest form is a never ending journey, much like the search for enlightenment.

As any mathematician or computer programmer will note: The simpler a solution to a problem, the better.

But why is this? To begin with, let me offer you my personal Top Ten reasons to simplify your business (and your life!).

  1. Less features, fewer services, less physical stuff, means more resources and energy to allocate to that which really matters.
  2. When things are simple, you can relax, breathe deeply, and let go of your stress.
  3. You will be a happier person with less stress!
  4. Your customers will understand your value more clearly.
  5. Time to market with new goods and services will be less.
  6. Your brand will exude elegance.
  7. Your customers will be happier because they will be less stressed!
  8. With a simplified approach you will be more focused.
  9. Whatever you do, you will do better.
  10. You will stay aligned with your purpose and avoid distractions.

Last, but not least, peruse this humorous post from A List Apart discussing Less Noise, More Signal. ALA mentions the Pareto Principle from which we derive the concept that 80% of the value of a business stems from 20% of its work. More reason to simplify!

If you can identify this core value of your business and focus energy there (see item 1), you position your business for greater success. OK, with that we are ready to grow our seed into a lovely tree. But not before a little more homework…

Check out this primer on simplicity in software development by our friends over at 37 Signals. While you are at it, I encourage you to take their software for a test drive, or at least check it out (if you haven’t already) They are truly pioneering elegance in web application development along with the cats at FreshView. Flickr and 43 Things are two other notables from this school of web application development.

Now, let’s water that seed…


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