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Posted on December 27, 2006. Filed under: business, entrepreneurship |

Quite simply, joy comes from doing what you love. so…

pursue Joy, not Happiness

[Joy] comes from pursuing passions that do not obviously result in happiness.

Guy Kawasaki, Baccalaureate Speech 6/11/95

In our previous installment, we verbosely implored you to “do what you love,” to connect with your own personal meaning in life. If you spent some time reflecting on this, you should have a clear idea about what brings you joy.

The next step is to take this Joy you experience when doing what you love, and share it. Here are 10 ways to share the love (and perhaps grow a business at the same time) …

  1. Build something that is a labor of love.
  2. Help someone learn a new skill.
  3. Solve someone’s problem.
  4. Give an unconditional gift.
  5. Create something with feeling
  6. Inspire.
  7. Make someone laugh.
  8. Help someone solve their own problem.
  9. Simplify someone’s life.
  10. Share something new.
  11. Bring people together.

Now you don’t need to take my word for it the Joy is critical to your work … Check this out from Khoi Vinh, Design Director for the NY Times…

In design, where meaning is often controversially subjective or painfully inscrutable, few things are more apparent and lucid than the presence of passion. This is true whether the design of a product delights you or leaves you cold; in either case it’s difficult not to detect the emotional investment of the hands that built it.

Enthusiasm manifests itself readily of course, but indifference is equally indelible. If your commitment doesn’t encompass a genuine passion for the work at hand, it becomes a void that is almost impossible to conceal, no matter how elaborately or attractively designed it is.
—Khoi Vinh,

Homework: Follow the passion! Find a fit between doing what you love and some of the items above. If it is helpful, make a brainstorm list. From this list, cull one or two ideas that resonate with on deep level (gut check time). You should feel an intuitive ‘click’ when you hit the right one. When you reach this ‘aha’ moment you are ready to continue.

If you are not there yet, check out this activity to help you get in touch with your own inner guidance.

Now we have the kernel of a new business that is in alignment with our purpose and which creates meaning in the world.

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