Welcome to MetaForm Journal

Welcome to the online home of MetaForm, a forthcoming book being written online in installments in service to entrepreneurs.

The purpose of this book is to take a deeper look at the soul of start-up organizations and the forces at work in determining the long-term success of businesses. There are many books which discuss the finer points of business strategy and innvoation. Rather than taking a traditional approach to business, this journal has been created to look at the intersection between forward-thinking Web 2.0 business strategy and the wisdom found in multi-cultural spiritual traditions. By synthesizing ‘best practices’ of current Internet start-up strategy with a deeper understanding of the life journey that we are all embarked upon, we hope to spark you our dear reader to embark upon a path of entrepreneurship that ultmately changes the world for the better.

The underlying premise of this work is that there are universal truths, patterns of energy, illuminated by wisdom traditions which create a ‘metaform’ that contextualizes all of business and life. To borrow a term from Ken Wilbur, there is a greater whole, a ‘holon’, within which the business world and the Internet is embedded. This greater whole is the ‘MetaForm’ and its nature has significant implications for business outcomes.

With this journal we will work to both share tangible ideas pertaining to Internet start-up strategy while working together to come to a deeper understanding of this MetaForm and its relationship to our business.

Entrepreneurship and business development discussions will be tempered with questions regarding the nature and meaning of life.  My expectation is that we will find that issues of meaning, purpose, and intention have significant implications for business outcomes.

Now let’s get started with … A Quest for Meaning.


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